Q:What is the smallest load you will deliver?

A:We will deliver as little as one metric tonne.

Q:What is the maximum each truck can hold?

A:Our Tri-axles can deliver up to 22 metric tonnes.

Q:What are the seasonal load restrictions?

A:During the restricted period, all commercial vehicles or trailers with a gross vehicle weight in excess of 5 tonnes or 11,000 lbs. per axle are prohibited on roads where restriction signage is posted, and on all roads identified as restricted on the Annual Truck Route Maps. These restrictions also apply to all non-truck routes. Check the City of Ottawa website for more details.

Q:How far in advance do I have to place an order?

A:Orders should ‘ideally’ be placed a day in advance.

Q:What products should I use if I am placing patio stones or interlock?

A:The first product that you will need to use is called Granular A which is a crushed limestone that varies in size from stone dust to 3/4”. This will be the base material that should be placed 4-6 inches in depth. The next product that you will require is Stone Dust which willl be the last layer placed before laying patio or interlock stone. This layer should be no more than two inches thick. Stone dust can be used once again after the stones are places to fill in the gaps between the stones.

Q:What material should I order to resurface my driveway?

A:The most commonly used material is Granular A for laneways however there are other products that may also be used to accommodate your budget. Please call 613-831-0717 for details.

Q:Can I pick up the material myself?

A:One can pick up materials through the week if they have a tandem axle trailer (2 wheels on each side of the trailer). Karson does not load any single axle trailers or pickup trucks. For more details please call 613-831-0717.